Phentermine Ingredients And Side Effects

Phentermine has acted as a ‘life saving drug’ for thousands of people struggling with obesity.

It has helped many overcome the weight loss issues through its commendable appetite suppressing effects.

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While its ability to budge the scale is indisputable on all grounds, we simply dare to ask- at what cost?

Phentermine is a medically prescribed drug that aims people with extreme weight.

A stimulant in nature, the drug deals with the central nervous system for the control in appetite, so that the patient is able to get lighter on his feet or say, drop his extra poundage with ease.

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While it is a very powerful medicine that targets and addresses over eating habits, it is exclusively advised to patients that have no other option, but getting in shape.

In simple words, it is proposed to the unfortunate ones who become closer to the complications followed by obesity like high blood pressure and diabetes.

As Phentermine is a powerful drug, one must avoid starting the course on its own.

Much to our knowledge, it is the doctor’s duty to evaluate the medical condition of the patient and direct Phentermine, in case he or she feels the need. see this review if you want to enhance and boost your sexual desires.

Generally, the course is usually assisted in combination with a well-designed diet and exercises.


There is a number of compounds part of Phentermine, such as:

  • Titanium dioxide.
  • Caffeine
  • Corn starch.
  • Ephedrine
  • Gelatin
  • Talc
  • Phenylpropanolamine

However, it is essential to note that none of the aforementioned component plays an active role in generating the effects associated with Phentermine.

Few are meant to enhance the absorption of its active agent; other supports the preservation of drug.

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The crux of Phentermine, or say, the ingredient that gives the actual powers to this anti-obesity drug is ‘Hydrochloride’.


A Stimulant and water soluble in nature, the compound has the ability to serve as an anorexic. Fundamentally, an anorectic agent is a drug that can address problems related to overeating as it encompasses appetite controlling effects.

Since hydrochloride is an anorectic compound, this means that it helps in lowering the appetite and dropping the caloric intake down to the healthy standard.

In order to discourage the frequent and over urge for food, the compound acts as a stimulant in the central nervous system.

The mechanism then favors the patient by facilitating him to adhere to the recommended calories and overcoming his obesity to a certain degree.

There are some studies that also point towards its abilities to alter metabolism.

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So categorically, it is because of hydrochloride that Phentermine works so effectively for obese and overweight.


There is much to say when you get to question about the side effects stirred by Phentermine, but before discussing the section, it is way essential to discuss the contraindication of Phentermine.

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  • It is highly hazardous for people with diabetes and high blood pressure as the contact of their medicines with Phentermine generates negative effects within the body.
  • Phentermine is dissuaded to women who are expecting, considering a baby or nursing one.
  • It is further discouraged to patients that have ever been addicted to drugs or any medicine.
  • It is not recommended to patients that are diagnosed with medical conditions like glaucoma, hyperthyroidism and cardiovascular disease.

Coming back on to the side effects of Phentermine, here is the list of mild to severe complications that may follow the course:

  • Pulmonary hypertension.
  • Tremor
  • Euphoria
  • Low sex drive.
  • Cardiac failure.
  • Angina
  • High blood pressure.
  • Impotence
  • Diarrhea or constipation.
  • Insomnia
  • Cardiac valvular disease.
  • Tremor

On top of the aforementioned side effects, some reports advocate that it bears temporary fruit for the patient.

That is, the appetite suppressing effects of Phentermine are short-lived and there is no guarantee of it to act as useful in the future.

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The body may become tolerant to it and so, its powers may fade. Another discouraging element about Phentermine is its addicting nature.

Experts believe that it may cause addiction in some patients, particularly the ingredients like caffeine and ephedrine.

Addiction, as most of us know, leads to substance abuse.


In real, phentermine possesses the properties to control appetite and helps with the reduction in calories, but its aftermaths are quite threatening.

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It is very essential to consult and discuss the odds with a professional health care provider if you are disposed to give it a try.